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Reliable hosting from "Eurobyte"

Hosting Site:
159,00 $
299,00 $
Hosted CMS:
400,00 $
VIP hosting:
1 500,00 $
Free timeMonth
Discount when purchasing hosting for a year10%
Free domainYes
Year of creation2010
Support for PHP5.3
MySQL database10 piece
Email address 100 email address
Website TemplatesNo
Country of creationRussian
Promo code for advertising to Google1000


  • Video hosting
  • Music hosting


  • Free domains
  • International
  • Professional
  • Premium name

Dedicated server

  • Linux server
  • Windows server
  • Game servers

Virtual server

  • Linux server
  • Windows server

Transfer a Website

  • Free Transfer a Website
  • Paid Transfer a Website

Support for PHP

  • Support for PHP (5.2 - 5.6)

Preset CMS

  • Joomla
  • Wordpress

Control panel

  • Test
  • Easy
  • Professional

Provider "Evrobayt" consider themselves not the most cheap web hosting, as its rate plans start at 150 rubles, but provided opportunities too pleased, for this amount, you get 2 gigabytes of memory, a very powerful servers that use SSD - drives. These servers from the company DELL, not just out on the market with a tremendous margin from competitors.
Support host, very smart and patient. Competent experts support within 24 hours seven days a week and dinner, but the meet for 30 minutes. And with lung problems, help you for free. Do not forget about the discounts that are activated when purchasing web hosting for one year.
If you choose hosting for search engines should pay to "Evrobayt" because it shows how the high speed server response. Moreover, this is the provider of the most well-optimized PHP and CMS.
Briefly, on the services provided:
"Evrobayt" offers: virtual hosting, CMS-hosting, VIP-hosting, VDS / VPS.

1) increased to 100% load on one processor core
2) No more than 10 customers on the server
3) A more powerful servers with fast processors
4) A great alternative to VDS / VPS with administration
5) The latest technology and FastCGI CloudLinux
6) The choice of versions and PHP Accelerator panel
7) Unlimited number of sites, domains, databases and mailboxes
8) Completely unlimited traffic

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