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Hosted by "Link-host"

Shared Hosting:
45,00 $
Domain Registration:
99,00 $
182,00 $
Free timeNo
Free domainNo
Year of creation2009
Support for PHP5.3-5.6
MySQL database10 piece
Email address 10 email address
Website TemplatesNo
Country of creationEurope, USA
Promo code for advertising to GoogleNo


  • Video hosting
  • Music hosting


  • International
  • Professional
  • Premium name

Dedicated server

  • Linux server
  • Windows server
  • Game servers

Transfer a Website

  • Free Transfer a Website
  • Paid Transfer a Website

Support for PHP

  • Support for PHP (5.2 - 5.6)

Control panel

  • Easy
  • Professional

The popular hosting, given the fact that the increasing popularity acquire technological advances, the demand for services such as hosting and resseling constantly increasing. The majority tends to choose the best option.

Thus, with regard to hosting, applying for services to this company can afford to feel such positive qualities as a fully unlimited traffic, and convenient enough to control panel.

In addition, it is possible to issue domains in various areas of the appropriate type (international, Russian, Ukrainian).

To fully feel the image hosting service provider, on a mandatory basis should be used resseling. It is in this case created its own tariff package, contributing to the creation of subsequent users. By the way, their number and the disk space in a similar situation completely unlimited.

Briefly, on the services provided:
"Link-host", offers services of virtual hosting, domain registration, reselling.

This provider specializing exclusively on the virtual hostenge that gives him the opportunity to provide a service better than anyone else.

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