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Hosted by "Hts"

Shared Hosting:
85,00 $
Mail hosting:
122,00 $
Domain Registration:
350,00 $
468,00 $
590,00 $
Dedicated servers:
3 750,00 $
Free timeWeek
Discount when purchasing hosting for a year15%
Free domainYes
Year of creation2005
Support for PHP5.6
MySQL database1 piece
Email address 1 email address
Website TemplatesNo
Country of creationRussian
Promo code for advertising to GoogleNo


  • Video hosting
  • Music hosting


  • International
  • Professional
  • Premium name

Dedicated server

  • Linux server
  • Windows server

Virtual server

  • Linux server
  • Windows server

Transfer a Website

  • Free Transfer a Website
  • Paid Transfer a Website

Support for PHP

  • Support for PHP (5.2 - 5.6)

Preset CMS

  • Joomla
  • Wordpress

Control panel

  • Test
  • Easy
  • Professional

Hosted by «Hts» provides tremendous opportunities to manage the site as the service provider ideally adapted for systems such as Joonla, Wordpress, Drupal, with 1-Bitrix and others.
 What do you give this optimization hosting provider?
The most common sites are built with a virtual control panel, control panel, designed for individual servers, but if you already have a website and you want to find a good storage site, pay attention to the «Hts».

Technical assistance will help move the site but likely questions you will not, the panel


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