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Fast hosting from "Fullspace"

Shared Hosting:
80,00 $
Hosted CMS:
150,00 $
Hosting UMI Space:
300,00 $
Domain Registration:
350,00 $


  • Video hosting
  • Music hosting


  • International
  • Professional
  • Premium name

Dedicated server

  • Linux server
  • Windows server
  • Game servers

Virtual server

  • Linux server
  • Windows server

Support for PHP

  • Support for PHP (5.2 - 5.6)

Preset CMS

  • Joomla

Control panel

  • Easy
  • Professional

Hosting Provider FullSpace offers hosted sites, and also carries out the registration of domain names. Used only modern equipment. This, combined with highly skilled, does FullSpace one of the best hosting providers.

This hosting has features such as:

• One week free trial period;

• APC (to speed up the loading of Web sites);

• database servers MySQL 5.3, PostgreSQL 9.0;

• protected by mail;

• any number of sub-domains;

• Daily backup site;

• Unlimited traffic;

• Work programs on schedule;

• CMS is automatically set in a private office;

• DNS control for Domains;

• the ability to change .htaccess to configure the website.

Active webmasters the opportunity to work with hosting. Attracting customers to FullSpace, webmaster immediately gets 30% of any payments from the customer. Funds can be displayed for a couple of hours.

Briefly, on the services provided:
"Fullspace", offers a complimentary transfer site and a domain name, hosting services, as well as rental and registration servers.

A wide range of free features, operational support, as well as the automation of complex processes make life easier for your site.


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