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A little about domains .com


Domain .com is considered a top-level domain in the Domain Name System of the World Network. The name is derived from the word "commercial", it informs about the original purpose of this domain - a domain used as commercial organizations. However, in the future, this feature has disappeared, .com opened for unrestricted registration. .com is considered to be one of the first domain, which arose simultaneously with the introduction of the domain name system in 1985.

Initially, the domain under the control of the Ministry of Defense, it is currently managed by Verisign and is under constant jurisdiction of the United States of America. Register undertaken Verisign, is processed ICANN. The register allows internationalized domain names.

A variety of non-profit companies, organizations and companies use .com domain to take advantage of its recognition. Statistics show variable popularity.

Rating hosts made on the basis of objective indicators. The key criterion is the time uptime. In the ranking of domain registrars undisputed leader is GoDaddy. It is the largest and most popular in the world of the registrar.

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